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  1. Stephen Hill

    I really love this site and it’s about time it got a major overhaul. The new ajax features make this site more fluid and it’s stripped alot of crap out from the pages making the site more palletable.

  2. Daniel O'Connor

    I like it too :)

  3. Devoy

    can i get some of your design,or can you give me some of your knowledge about flash?’cause i want to create a flash animations.thanks

  4. sarah king

    wow, this is a cool site. it should be more known by people.

  5. Abadon 666

    I think Janine & Kylie from the XGB cartoon series should be put here as lesbians on account of they’re hot gals.

  6. Marca


  7. maralin

    i think devainart is really cool website for us better other things that we go one.

  8. made the maker

    the picture were so great,it make me say Fuck of all of this pic! hehhehe…kidding..

  9. pickupjojo

    dA is updated. :)

  10. pickupjojo

    And whoops, there’s a mistake in the title: it’s deviantART, with a T between the N and the A.

  11. Katie

    I love deviantART! It has changed my life completely. Without it, I really have NO IDEA where I would be, let alone my art career. dA is what made my career possible, and helped me to launch it successfully. It helped to filter my thoughts from my imaginative mind, to my canvas and easil, to my portfolio. It helped me to get know around town, state, dA, and many other places & thhings. Ode to deviantART– thank you !

  12. görüntülü sohbet

    thanx man

  13. max davison

    yeah this website sucks giant donkey balls i fucking hate it

  14. Flash cartoon animator

    Deviant art is cool!

  15. Bboy Wadesta

    Best web ta visit I’m addicted, for the love of art folks

  16. Craig Smith

    Amazing site. Good web features and amazing artist too.

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