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  1. emK

    Well, I couldn’t try this one. I have a MacBook Pro with 1440x900px and it wanted me to resize my browser to 1200x800px. What the f**k. Why should I resize my browser? I’ve maximized my firefox and it still wants me to resize it.

    And a designer website shouldn’t influence a visitor’s or potential customer’s way of using his browser.

    Using Flash and not making it fexible means amateur for me.

  2. Chris

    Oops i saw it comming….!

    Yes I am also not fond of websites with restrictions more especially the browser size, I prefer to use my computer browser resolution.

    Besides the browser issue, the overall work is well put together…thumbs up. I just love it, the tweening is kick “S”

  3. Aaron S

    Nothing gives an IMMEDIATE drop of confidence in a site than it asking to resize my browser.

  4. author

    The “majority” of screen size is still 1024×768, per w3schools . 48% of users, actually. You’ve just eliminated half of your visitors. Good Job! You win an award!