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  1. Pat

    The first thing I thought of was

  2. dudeydudedude

    Nice catch pat. Very similar.

    However, I was simply going to say “this site really isn’t good enough to be showcased”.

    I mean crikey… the typography is just… awful. The layout is poor. The logo and overall image are both forgettable and generic.

    I could go on, but overall: it’s just really rubbish.

  3. Big C

    how did ya get that???? looks nothing like hicks, could you explain?

  4. Big C

    wel maybe the bg elements match the hicks logo…

  5. Pat

    I’m looking at the following things:

    1. The logo.
    2. The colours.
    3. The “swirl” patterns.

    I’m not at all suggesting that they stole it from Quite honestly, the internet is way too big to even think that similarities like this are always ripoffs.

    I’m just saying they look the same.

  6. Russell Bishop

    You’re all idiots, Hicks designed the website for them, and

  7. Pat


    Well, I’d never seen before, but clearly you’re right about the connection between it and headscape.

    I’m not sure where you see they were designed by Hicks design (I’m not denying they did, I’m just saying I don’t see them).

    Again, I wasn’t suggesting even for a moment that headspace was a rip off. I simply stated that it reminded me of

    Thanks for your gentleman-like words. You’re a class act.

  8. Jeffrey


    I think Russell is annoyed with dudeydudedude as many of us here are.

    He’s rubbishing other peoples work without any qualification to do so.

    … too immature.

  9. duddelmore

    whoever it designed….dudeydudedude is right.
    It’s cheap Retro crap.

  10. dudeydudedude


    Russell was clearly speaking to Pat. Please don’t try to create a make believe “anti-dudey” army.

    …crikey, and you guys call me immature. Lols.

  11. Russell Bishop

    I was referring to no-one in particular really, don’t really know why I said it so aggressively actually, i’ll take 2.

    Don’t despair! Headscape and Boagworld and both created by Hicks!

  12. Matt Munsey

    Pretty sure the Hicks only designed the logo and that Paul Boag did the actual site design.

  13. wideblueyonder

    Logo designed for Headscape by Jon Hicks.

    Websites designed by Paul Boag and team at Headscape.

    Headscape is the official website of Paul Boag’s web design company.

    Boagworld is the website for the podcast that Paul Bog and Marcus Lillington run which is supported by Headscape. Hence some crossover in design.

  14. noname

    You’re all idiots, Hicks designed the website for them, and – LMAO! This is tooo funny :D