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  1. suede

    Wow, the dude guy made this commenting thing his career. How sad. You need a cyber girlfriend.

  2. dudeydudedude


    For the record: I’m a happy family person. Maybe you need one? Since you have contributed absolutely nothing?

  3. suede

    Oh yeah, keep telling yourself that :)

  4. suede

    And oh, good luck on this newly found career of yours. I’m sure the pay is quite good. I heard they give extra commission for posts that are quite long, too.

  5. PisotSiDude

    Haha! Uyyyyyy defensive!

  6. HelloWorld

    It’s a great looking site but if he hadn’t written the word “Superstar”, I bet the critics would be a bit nicer. Claiming you’re a superstar just sounds too cocky.

  7. dudeydudedude

    I’m assuming: suede = this site’s author. :)

  8. suede

    Ooops sorry, wrong! I don’t even wanna have that lastname. Buga? Sounds like a word mummbled by apes! Congratulations on your newly found career dude! I’m sure you won’t get laid of on this one :)

  9. Jason

    I’m curious about your background/expertise. It may help to add some weight to your comments.

  10. Kola

    Web Design SUPERSTAR? What a cocky bitch, indeed!

  11. WearyMax

    Cool concept!

    How long did the work? And how many people helped?

  12. Pedro

    So much hate against dudeydudedude. Seriously, get some manners and learn some logic.

    As a programmer I find the site appealing but not very keyboard friendly.

  13. James

    This is a comment regarding Alex Buga’s IDIOTIC review of the apple shuffle, which shows how limited his ability to appreciate form and function is: I posted this comment days ago and he didn’t allow it, so I will post it in 100 places, and to the idiots who agreed with his stupid facile review, you are also stupid:

    Alex, you are just showing your ignorance and low intellect.

    Really. Because the speech app isn’t running on the device, DOESN’T make it less innovative. In fact, it makes it more. Why?

    You aren’t listening to music, and generating the sound file, the same one, every time, in the background.

    You aren’t using the TINY BATTERY and processor of the shuffle, you are using the monstrous power of your desk/lap top

    You have to sync the device, or connect it somewhere, to get music onto it. Why not have that music already prepped for speech?

    You aren’t seeing behind the distortion field. You don’t have magic ‘clear thinking’. You are certainly not a programmer or anyone capable of logical and analytical thought.

    Also, what have you done to the fonts on this input box? Give them some space to breathe.

    Back to the point at hand. Headphone?

    YOU REALLY BELIEVE that such an ergonomically, fittest algorithm device such as the smallest music player, should UNDERMINE ergonomics and the best design TO SUITE YOUR BUDGET or ideas about how headphones should be ‘lowest common denominator’ so that you can change them out?

    Perhaps Formula 1 cars should fit stock Ford mondeo seats? I think they should, and they should sacrifice aerodynamics, as according to you, nothing justifies a design change. It must be lock in.

    Wait, let’s look at the change. Is it good? bad? Well, I think being able to grab the chord and blindly change music and volume is a *good* thing.

    But no, let’s rely on the amazing and original thinking of some two bit web designer to decide that we should never try and improve usability if he can’t use the in-ear headphones he has enjoyed boasting about so much.

    Calling it a good looking memory stick? You are an idiot aren’t you. It plays music. That is all it does, that is what it is design for. Not good enough for you? That is perhaps why you weren’t able to realise the importance of not draining the battery, of not putting a display on it, but using an audio cue, and also, the importance of nicely designed controls on the wire.

    Calling yourself a designer because you can copy and learn from some templates, use mootools and sifr.swf is a bit ridiculous.

    Especially in light of your apparent ignorance of design.

  14. Alex Buga

    I replied on your email address, but you don’t bother to answer.

    I tried to explain: I didn’t posted your comment because of your stupid language. I agree with your opinions about the shuffle, but I don’t agree with you calling me an idiot. You’d better watch your langage because you don’t even know me dude!

    It’s my fuckin blog and I’m allowed to have my fuckin opinion. You don’t agree with it? FUCK OFF and read something else.

    I’ve owned a lot of Apple products in the past years and my feeling towards Steve & Co. is that they’ve diminished the quality of their products a lot recently. So I don’t like the new shuffle at all.

    If you really want to make your point answer that bloody email. Spamming all over the place won’t make you sleep better.

    PS: You should get a life bro… or two.

    PS2: Sorry for the offtopic guys, but I had no choice.

  15. Daimian Parkes

    Hi Alex,

    Nice site, I love your concepts. Very good use of mootools. I like draw style footer, I had a similar idea that I am currently doing.

    Breadcrumbs in the footer brilliant!

    Good work!


    Вопрос к автору сайта, а вот у вас время у каждой статьи и в комментах пишется… Это какое? Московское? Заранее спасибочки за ответ.

  17. Nic Bell

    And now we wait for your next site. Hopefully it will also push boundries of mootools and html layout techniques. Bunch of these old comments have a lot of hating, but to be honest the design part of this site isn’t very hard but the coding of the front end and js is remarkable. send me the source code.

  18. Alex Buga

    If all of you wouldn’t be blinded by that stupid Superstar tag and read my bio you would see where it comes from.

    I started as a musician and ended up as a designer.

    So my dreams of becoming a superstar have vanished. That’s why the word was quoted.

    But of course you’re too busy bitching each other to notice that.

    Thanks to those who sent REAL feedback whoever you are. Have a nice … whatever you wish.

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