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  1. Arakin

    I like colouring and menu, but site is too wide for me (I’m using 1024×768)

  2. Ian

    Love the way the side menu ‘locks’ and ‘unlocks’ as you scroll down on the training pages e.g Behaviour driven development’ – very nice.

  3. JeremyB

    Welcome to 1999, Arakin.

  4. Roger

    @JeremyB Such biting wit! Do you write for Jimmy Fallon?

  5. Shaun

    This site was clearly designed w/1024×768 in mind and it looks like it was just a development oversight that adds a little horizontal scroll to the bottom. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to clear up, but does go to show what a little bit of usability testing can do.

  6. Pooty Tang

    Not sure if its just me, but it’s all messed up on my FF

  7. Gogo

    Great job, Dino Latoga.