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  1. dudeydudeydude

    This isn’t a best of? This is an excellent site. Art direction is top notch – very unique and memorable, the Javascript actually helps speed up the browsing, and isn’t just some sort of fancy but useless “look at what i learned yesterday” effect, and the whole site feels polished.

    This, plus all the past misses, really makes you wonder what the author defines as a “best of” site. Clearly, that person has no clue.

  2. jucallme

    love it… just want to click it all ;)

  3. David Perel

    I agree with DDD on this one. It stays away from current trends and does a really good job of it.

  4. Richard Hunter

    Its a nice site. The text is hard to read on most of the pages due to the background though (e.g. the news page).

  5. dudeydudeydude


    True. I think the current container has the transparency at around 60-70%. Bumping it up to around 80% wouldn’t hurt.

    Personally, I would consider it a small issue (as this is not primarily a blog/news site).

  6. Dario Gutierrez

    I agree with Jucallme, I want to click it all.

  7. Guillaume

    The photograph has a pretty amazing site too:

  8. Brad