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  1. Vijay Maurya

    Nice Looking, Combination of green & light black very good, Perfect theam. I like it.

  2. dudeydudeydude

    While the overall execution is admittedly well done, the art direction makes this look like every other site… from 2006.

  3. grege

    no originality at all

  4. Jamie C

    Come on now – what’s original these days?
    I agree that it’s a little over done, but it’s clean and well designed.

  5. geoff

    Although the design doesn’t offer much in the way of originality, the execution and attention to detail is excellent. Very well crafted.

  6. keci


  7. Spotify

    Wow, amazing how cheeky people can be! They really STOLE the whole SPOTIFY ( layout and even the name! shame on you, really!

  8. John-Lee

    Some of the other comments have criticised the lack of originality, but I think that the workmanship in the artwork more than makes up for that.

  9. JR

    @spotify, you’re joking, right? Shopify has been around for years, I used them in 2007; they offer a great product, and their site designs *stop the presses* have always used a green, black and white palette. Believe it or not, it isn’t some groundbreaking combo, it’s just a nice one.

    As for the name, ZOMG Twitter and Flickr both have r’s on the end of their names! Twitter can be so cheeky!

  10. Rich

    @JR, agreed.

    I wouldn’t say it isn’t original, it just seems like it is only trendiness that drives the design.

    Overall I like it, it’s clean and I like the typography, but it’s nothing that will stick out in my head.

  11. Chris Cotton

    We built our site in shopify and love it. We have thousands of products – all print cartridges and toners – wouldn’t bother with anywhere else.

  12. gclub

    I dig the taped paper theme, but then.. I guess I’m a little biased. It’s a solid, pleasant atmosphere site.

  13. Badjac

    From a commerciality viewpoint it is very strong; but from a design aspect, it’s very simple, and not very creative