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  1. Carl Rosekilly

    @chris, i’m not getting involved, I may appear a little uptight as that is what you have made me.

    I’m going to leave now as I have made my comments and that’s it, I don’t need to clarify or justify myself or be roped in to regional protection.

  2. Chris M

    @Carl – Who said anything about regional protection?

  3. Rich

    Years in the field doesn’t matter if you do s**t work… who cares??

  4. Ryan

    I really like your design and can tell it’s a true reflection of who you are. The only thing I would consider changing is making the header text clickable.

  5. Roger

    @Rich: Everyone knows that you never have any good ideas until your 8th year in the field lol

  6. Rich

    Haha maybe so… My point is who cares if you’ve worked for 15 years in interactive design, marketing, what have you when your work looks like something from 1999, and performs like such. = )

  7. Thanh

    i guess it’s not to my taste either, but this site seems to take the ‘huge type’ trend to the extreme and feels a little forceful/clunky because of it.

    the changes in typeface, the arbitrary bolding of lines of text in the header, the different line weights, the posterised graphic all feel very awkward even if it’s intentional. but then, this style of design is coming back into fashion with all the 80s revivals we’re seeing lately

  8. Jack

    @Chris M: As designers we have to conform to standards and principles, that’s ultimately what makes a website useable and accessible. That’s why I wanted to know if Brendon made this as a personal experiment or a portfolio. His website is here to be criticised. And of course those two points can make it seem amateurish. Inconsistency is amateurish. But that doesn’t matter, since it’s just an experiment.

    No-one is trying to start an argument, I understand your trying to back-up your friend here, but I wouldn’t take it all personally.

    @RIch: That hurts. Haha. Actually the font is hand drawn. But whats so bad about stock fonts anyway?

  9. David Perel

    Dudes, Chris M just likes to cause an argument ;)

  10. Brendon Grobler

    @Jack: Stock fonts? They’re amateurish :)

    Seriously though, designers should be more open to change. It’s actually a little gripe of mine.

    I’ve told myself I wouldn’t comment on here again, but here I am.

    When you say standards and principles, try to look beyond whats been done before and been imprinted onto your design ideals – been replicated again and again, and what you are comfortable with. Galleries like this one are great, but ultimately what I see is alot of people blindly replicating in the name of design aesthetic “standards”. Which aside from usability concerns are just a subjective preference.

    It’s not a knee jerk reaction. Criticism is valuable, and I welcome it if I respect the source. Some of the usability criticisms are of the most value to be, although this site was never meant to act as a usability yardstick. Some of the other unconstructive and blanket ones loaded with self importance less so.

    To me, some of the inconsistency is what makes it interesting. I know what the design textbook may say, and I understand those that echo those sentiments and rules, but that’s precisely why I chose to subvert some of them.

    And I know Chris wasn’t blindly backing me up. He’s a very bright boy with his own thoughts.

  11. Chris M

    @Jack – I don’t agree that a person needs to “conform to standards and principles” in order to “make a website useable and accessible” – If that’s the case, how on earth will we ever come up with anything new? That said, your question about Brendon using it as an experiement is very valid.

    Question – Did you struggle to navigate around the website, honestly?

    Lastly, I have no reason to back Brendon up, he’s a friend, but he’s also a big boy who can handle constructive critism and doesn’t need someone like me spending my time defending him.

    @David – I like to school noobs or people who live inside the box of corporate conformity :D

  12. David Perel

    @Chris – Actually bru these are hardly noobs. I still struggle to see where your arguments come from, the same situation with Incredible Connection…

  13. Jack

    @Chris: Well accessibility has some strict standards and guidelines. If you ever design a governmental website then chances are you’d HAVE to follow those guidelines. Design isn’t always about coming up with something new, but using the old text-book in an innovative way.

    However that’s just for certain client work, I’ve had clients that couldn’t give a rats about it, they’re the fun ones.

    It’s not much to do with the ease of navigation. Like I said in my first post, there was a few curveballs, but that was a good thing.

    @Brendon: I’m not arguing by the way, just discussing. Don’t get me wrong here, I think pushing the mark is what keeps our industry fresh and alive. But you can’t always work out of the box in the real world, it’s a matter of pushing the walls of said box to incorporate what you are aiming for.

    But I’m only talking from a client based point of view.

    Also there are some really good stock fonts floating around. :)

  14. Chris M

    @David – I didn’t call anyone a noob?

    Lol, you didn’t read the comments did you? I didn’t argue anything, I just said that I felt the one comment was uncalled for and that anyone can read a textbook and spit out critism of this nature. I also alluded to stunting the design growth of the Internet if everyone just conforms to boring old standards.

  15. Chris M

    @Jack – Totally agree with you on that one mate. I guess looking at this thread, we need to note that it’s a personal blog and not a government website, so the ability not to conform is there, which voids most of the comments in this discussion, because it’s about _this_ blog and not blogs/websites in general.

    Who steered this conversation off topic? I blame BIGHAIR Carl ;)

  16. Carl Rosekilly


    you just want a response don’t you! ;-)

  17. Chris M

    @Carl – Aaah, there you are! How are you today? Can you believe it, we both hold a similar opinion on that medical site! :)

  18. Brendon Grobler

    Haha… digging the banter between Chris and Carl :)

    @Jack: For client work, I 100% agree with you. But that obviously doesn’t apply here.

    And I don’t take anything too personally. Don’t worry :) Discussions are awesome, and I think comments should promote that by being respectful and constructive. That should be the aim. Thanks to all who gave valid input.

    People that visit here most likely have a love for design, unfortunately in not only this post but all over this site, the feeling that’s created by alot of the comments is rather a hatred for what they consider to be imperfect design in their subjective eyes – which isn’t really the ideal setting for discussion – but more tussling of offensive / defensive positions. Which is unfortunate, but understandable.

    Anyone can be a critic and sound important, but few are actually creating shit. And that wasn’t a dig at those that don’t have links to their own work :)

    Oh, and you’re right, there are some cool stock fonts :)

  19. Carl Rosekilly


    well, as I’ve already stated, i’m not here to bash people just to give my honest opinion, just a shame it’s a little blunt at times hey! ;-)

  20. Chris M

    @Carl – For sure, I guess blunt can be good at times – Just as long as you’re not uptight with me anymore ;)