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  1. Jamie C

    Simple and clean. What more can you ask for. Well done.

  2. Matt

    Great imagery on the homepage.

  3. Tommy


    Simple and clean? I’d hate to see what you think complicated looks like! :)

  4. Rich

    ….Simple and clean. But too clean for my taste. Need a little more to draw me in than some georgia italics and a flash slideshow

  5. Jamie C

    @Tommy: It’s two color (photos aside) and nothing breaks the grid. Additionally, there isn’t much going on in terms of layout or typography.

    With that said, you disagree that it’s simple and clean?

  6. Tommy


    Well, I can’t disagree with you on those points. I probably equate cleanliness with simplicity, whitespace; obviously, that’s not always the case.

  7. dudeydudeydude

    What a surprise. I even had to double check which Gallery I was on. This is the kind of work I would expect from Site Inspire.

  8. WTR

    Nice one…………..

  9. DanC

    Nice design and implementation, just a bit lacking in ease of navigation to me.

    I do like the overall idea and conception however.

  10. billyboboverkill

    Love it – beautiful website and excellent portfolio. And it’s all so Boulder, CO – man, how I miss Boulder!
    But why is there no link from the case study websites to the actual sites? This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine, and it seems to be widespread. What good reason is there for not actually linking the the functioning work in question (reasons besides the agency themselves no longer being responsible for maintenance of the site)?

    • soccer

      Yeah! That’s a good point for me.

  11. Tommy

    @ billyboboverkill

    Have you ever made a site for a client that they completely neglected and left to hell?

  12. marina

    well like a lot of those gallery sites lately are realizing where the true trendy sites are to be found. So they adapt. Even BWG.

  13. billyboboverkill

    @ Tommy – many, many times. Hence my caveat.

  14. Perry B

    WOW. Great work. Seriously AMAZING work. One of my new favorites!

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    What a surprise. I even had to double check which Gallery I was on.