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  1. Ian

    Give it a few years and this blogazine type of website will become “the same old crap” as well.

  2. Carl Rosekilly

    Same old blog layout to me. Just different uses of sketchy typefaces, is there anything new here?

    Standard column rule etc… little pretencious to me.

  3. Rich

    Look at other posts guys… like this one:

    I love the layout, it’s as minimalistic as could be. It’s like reading a damn book. I love it. Especially that post

    @Ian I don’t think it was the authors intention to say their website is the best and won’t become outdated… only that people need to start being original and truly creative to blow away some of these same old same old garbage before the web turns into garbage.

    @Carl, try reading more than one blog post

  4. Geekogle

    I can’t wait for Jamie to chime in. :)

  5. origin

    right now there are only 3 posts but each layout is unique, not only from each other but most also from 90% of the blogs i’ve seen.

  6. Jamie C

    @Ian: As Rich mentioned, if authors continue to turn out something slightly original each time then the ‘blogazine’ should avoid becoming the same old crap.

    @Carl: I never meant to say that my design and layout are unique. I had simply become frustrated with the amount of mirror blogs and lists I was running into and decided to write about it.

    @Rich: Thanks! :)

    As for browser compatibility – which I’m sure will come up – I decided to target modern browsers only, but made certain that older ones, and IE8, were covered. Users running IE will have a slightly different layout but it won’t affect their experience.

    Thanks for the feature Nick!

  7. Carl Rosekilly

    @jamie c

    i apologise for my ignorance, my first visit was rushed while munching through a sandwich on my lunch and maybe because I couldn’t easily locate the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons in the bottom right.

    But I have to say the layouts are fantastic and to the design community will be appreciated even more but to the general joe public, I’m not sure whether they’d get it and usability is a big factor, you have to consider the numpties that visit various sites.

    It of course depends on your target audience and I think your refreshing approach deserves a big thumbs up ;-)

    I think the approach is evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

    Top job…

  8. RIch

    @Carl – Must have been a great sandwich! =P

  9. craig

    I’m seeing this more and more lately (e.g., come to mind). SmashingMag even devoted a post to it . I can’t say I’m a fan – I like a site to have the same layout for each post – makes it easy to skim – you can’t skim a unique design, especially when the design doesn’t confirm to a standard column type layout.

    Also kinda makes it hard to critique a site when you have to look at every article!


  10. Carl


    It was yummy, contents included, spicy chicken, mayo and lettuce on a crusty baguette…

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