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  1. Ian

    I felt a little lost on the front page, the top doesn’t have much structure and the links could do with hover states. Other than that though, I like it.

    Great graphics going all the way through and it looks like a service worth checking out.

  2. Spencer Fry

    Ian: I’m glad you like it. Hover states are coming… we’ve just been too busy with some other stuff to get them up. They’ll be neat too. :)

  3. Carl Rosekilly

    I’m confused by the purpose of this?

    I love the overall site and presence but what service are you actually offering?

  4. Rich

    Really like this site, colors and typography are great, good illustrations.

    Can’t help but feel like the nav icons are made more as a cool thing rather than a intuitive icon one would associate with the text link.
    i.e. the icon by itself would not really tell me anything if it was not referencing the text link as well, or if i was a user consistently on the site.

  5. Spencer Fry

    Carl: Your online portfolio. :)

  6. Sebastian

    No, i don’t like it. i know it says “your online portfolio” but that’s not enough. IT IS VERY CONFUSING. I prefer the old version.

  7. Rich

    I agree, I also prefer the old design. More contrast and more descriptive.

  8. Carl Rosekilly

    Spencer: So as a professional designer, I would come to you guys for a portfolio? Why?

  9. Spencer Fry

    Carl: Carbonmade is for all types of creative people. Many of which have no idea how to do web design or code HTML (think illustrators, fashion designers, makeup artists, concept artists, photographers, animators etc.). Web designers only make up a small portion of Carbonmade: about 7,500 of 215,000.

    What web designers do get is a listing in our search that provides them with another outlet to get clients. Plenty of well-known web designers keep a Carbonmade portfolio and a personal portfolio, because they have a lot of success getting work through Carbonmade. Just the other day well known web designer Sam Brown — who maintains two portfolios — told me he got two new jobs through Carbonmade.

    I hope that helps answer your question. :)

  10. Matt

    I liked the old design. This is definitely a fun design. But, it doesn’t resonate as “professional” to me. It screams candyland and coloring books :)

  11. Simon

    I think it looks great! The main page illustration reminds me of I look forward to addition of the hover states.

  12. Jason

    Well, I reckon it’s bloody awesome.
    The examples page says it all to me, and it’s always refreshing when a site is light on copy.

    I admit it wasn’t instantly clear what service was being offered when I first landed on the page, but the design encouraged curiosity, and I’ve explored it more thoroughly than I would other sites. What a delight!

  13. Carl Rosekilly

    Spencer: Thanks for the clarification, I personally wouldn’t use the service but I think you have a great business model that is quite niché and is obviously very popular!

    Top job!

  14. Paul

    I really, really like this. I’m not sure how it’s confusing to anybody, it’s right there on the homepage. Can’t say enough about the illustrations. It’s definitely creative and inspiring!

  15. Spencer Fry

    Paul: Thanks a lot!

  16. Paul

    Vimeo Rip off

  17. Julie Fortenberry

    I’m a fan. It’s exactly what I need. I only wish I could pay for the year and get the discounted price…

  18. luiz carlos

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