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  1. cchana

    i really like how the logo over the carousel is peeled back, very elegant and subtle piece of design.

    not sure about the dark background, but the content is well contained and clear. thumbs up!

  2. Niveron Bhasa

    Wow! What a great web site!

  3. Amanda

    Great site, cant really flaw it.

    Though all the ‘leaders’ (in the us section) look like characters off thunderbirds =0

  4. Greg Wilker

    Solid in and out. view source it’s simply lovely.

  5. Elliot

    Pretty damn special website. makes me jealous.

  6. David Perel

    I wish I designed this site. Love it.

  7. Allen Gingrich

    Amazing site, yes, but at further inspection you may also notice that these are the guys behind those “Greatest Spokesperson in the World” Nationwide Insurance commercials. Even more awesome.