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  1. Chacha

    Finally something new! I liked playing with the website and spent more time on this one than on any other one. Well done!

  2. Lukasz Bachur

    Yes, “something new” is a good point of this site. I’m surprised – well done.

  3. Ian Lunn

    It is good to see something new but it doesn’t work well. It takes time to learn how to use it. If it wasn’t for the “newness” and the page was just static with that many elements on it, I think most people here would say it’s a terrible design.

    In Firefox 3.6.11 either it or a bug disables use of the CTRL key.

  4. Jacob Lee

    Loving this! Spent more time interacting with this site than most media agency sites I’ve seen recently.

    That navigation is awesome and loving the effort that’s gone into the typo.

    Didn’t think I’d like the way the work is presented, as I normally like to see large high-res images/examples but I think it works well. Could do with some links though

  5. Rich

    @Jacob – Is there not an orange ribbon with big black text that says link over it?

    This site has been out for a bit, but great how it’s still fun just to explore the typography treatments again.

  6. nestor

    I’m fascinated by the look and the design of the site..It’s the first sitesince a while that gives me the feeling to see something new….really cool!

    But on the other hand it might be….too much.
    A standard user might be overwhelmed by the possibilites.

  7. David Perel

    Love it. It definitely has some things which are not perfect in terms of nav but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the experience.

  8. Crssp

    There is nothing for a search engine to index is there, besides a Title & description tag… “We’re an ad agency. Come on in. We do things like TV, digital, radio, strategy, branding, design, and integrated campaigns. Mostly, we do better ideas for better business results.”

    Could’a done better, on that account.

  9. Caleb

    Just plain cool. Like nestor, I wonder if a standard user might try to navigate this site and find it to be overwhelming.

    Flash hasn’t lost its style yet!

  10. Evan

    Really like this. Usually not a fan of flash sites, but the overall layout and design made me want to play with it and take a look. Good job!

  11. Nick

    This site has been round for a couple of months now. Regardless, it uses Knockout by HTF very well and has some genuine innovations.

    Top work!

  12. Ruralbwoy in South Africa

    Grip Limited, you rock my world!
    Grip Limited, you rock my world!
    Grip Limited, you rock my world!
    Grip Limited, you rock my world!
    Grip Limited, you rock my world!
    Grip Limited, you rock my world!
    Grip Limited, you rock my world!
    Grip Limited, you rock my world!
    Grip Limited, you rock my world!

    Yes, this is what i talk about, something new, fresh, creative…, damn why didn’t i think of this.

  13. dudeydudeydude

    This is filed under AJAX? It’s Flash.

    On that note… I like the idea behind it, but I do think it could have still been better (since the platform it’s on essentially has no limits).

    I don’t see too many users being able to make sense of this though, and I do feel that’s a critical issue.

  14. Pragmatic Design

    Just, WOW!

  15. Ian Lunn

    I’m shocked that so many of you think this is good.

    As readers of BWG looking for the next inspiration, I can understand the excitement for this site but as web professionals, is it an effective website?

  16. Steve

    I think this sites target is mainly for people looking for a job. I think it showcases the personality of the agency really well and that it would be a really fun place to work. So yes, it is very effective.

    However, I feel like it could have been done in AJAX – not Flash. But I am not going to complain yet.

  17. Elliot

    I would say wow but I’m still confused about what the hell it is….

  18. Geoff Ellis

    It took be five minutes to figure out how to fully navigate – must be me being thick!

  19. Elliot

    yeah, I didn’t work it out or understand what the hell the site was about until I came here. Only then did I realise it studio/folio site.

  20. JUANSE

    wow… great page! really innovative and cool…