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    Really nice site…I like so much the visualization by the “news and promotion” and a graphic so simple and clean! And nice the choice by blu and red (france) ;) a good work for me!

  2. Cyprian

    aesthetic + typo + right imagery + nice animation + lots of brain = COOL :)

  3. Sssseth

    I actually would prefer to see this without the black and white background image (too busy). Otherwise nice job.

  4. tdub

    I agree with Seth. There is too much contrast in the background, especially when you are overlaying text on a opacity adjusted div. Because of this, it moves the eye into random directions and away from the most important content of the site.

  5. Apie

    the background is just too busy…. they should have blurred the background so as not to give problem to the sight of visitors. The rule of simplicity should never be ignored when designing.

  6. Lukasz bachur

    Devil is in the details – I’m impressed!