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  1. Steve

    The design is nice. Very simple and clean.

    More importantly the content is very interesting and engaging.


  2. marshall

    What he said.

    Lots of copy. And its easy to read!
    Good job.

  3. Ruralbwoy in South Africa

    Info galore…love it to death…will bookmark it for my reading….

  4. Pat Dryburgh

    No, Marshall. Not “lots of copy.” Weeks and weeks of fucking brilliant, substantive content. These guys are the real deal.

  5. Rhotsyn G. Galopo

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  6. Rich

    ^ lol?

  7. Karlos R. Nagba

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  8. Marybeth

    I love this! Very clean and simple. Not remedial simple but elegant simple. I love the week selector at the top. Just Fantastic!!

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