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  1. dudeydudedude

    I know who these guys are, and I love a lot of the content that they show on this site, but I couldn’t care less for the site’s design.

    But that’s a personal opinion though – I’m not a fan of OTT designs. Those bright circles on either side are quite irritating to be frank.

    However, objectively speaking, they’ve managed to put in a lot of detail without sacrificing readability or accessibility, which is a tough job to do. Coupled with the excellent content on the site, I have to admit that they’ve done themselves proud.

  2. printing in capalaba

    Hmm well i am a little bit the opposite. I rather quiet love the top, very vibrant and full of colour. For me though moving past that and scrolling down everything just appears to boxxy. Everything is segragated from everything else, nothing seems to flow design wise. Header and footer are quiet nice.

  3. ccc