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At Best Web Gallery we are serious about good design. But a great web design is useless without quality hosting to run it on. We recommend BlueHost web hosting, as it offers great performance and flexibility for simple or complex projects, without being too expensive. Use the links on this page to get the lowest possible price on your BlueHost hosting package.

There are no BlueHost promo codes, but rather secret BlueHost discount links.  There is no box during the checkout process where you can enter in a BlueHost coupon code, so instead you will need to use the link below when ordering.  This is the lowest price available anywhere online as of

Why do we recommend BlueHost?

If you’re setting up a website you’ll need to purchase web hosting to get it online. The price for web hosting has plummeted in the last ten years, and the selection of different types of plans and hosting providers has also exploded. We recommend BlueHost because we have found them to provide the highest levels of performance while keeping costs reasonable, even more so when you use the BlueHost coupon above. Here’s a guide to what to look for when shopping around for a web hosting company.

Know the Three Basic Types of Hosting

There are basically three types of hosting service available for running a website. First, there is shared hosting. Shared hosting means that the files that run your website are held on a server along with the files of many other websites. All the infrastructure of the server is shared among the users. Shared hosting is very economical because the cost of running the server is split between many users. You can further reduce the price by using the BlueHost discount link on this page.  Sharing the CPU and RAM on your server with many other users can lead to performance bottlenecks. As a website grows larger, and requires more bandwidth to serve pages in a timely fashion to many visitors at the same time, web developers often move up to Virtual Private Servers. VPS accounts are still held on servers with other users, but the amount of resources that any single account uses is strictly partitioned. If you pay for half the available bandwidth and RAM on a VPS, it will always be made available for your site alone. VPS service costs more than shared hosting, so only websites that have a lot of traffic can benefit from their increased performance. The third option for hosting is dedicated hosting. If you have a massive web presence, you need improved security, or need to store and output large amounts of data, dedicated hosting is a great option. Unlike VPS hosting, you do not have a virtualized server. The entire server is turned over for your use. The main reason to choose any one of the three options for hosting is almost always page load speed.

Why Performance Matters

About five years ago, Google decided that the speed that your page loads into any kind of device would be an important factor in ranking your website. This was based on a study that found almost half of web users will click away from a website if it doesn’t load in 2 seconds or less. The most common reason why a webmaster would shift from shared hosting to VPS, or from VPS to a dedicated server, is to increase page load speeds no matter how much traffic the website gets.

What’s Best for Your Site?

Shared Hosting – Shared hosting plans are very inexpensive. If you’re trying to get a site up on the Internet on a shoestring, and don’t expect massive amounts of traffic shortly after launching your site, shared hosting is perfect for you. WordPress installations make administration of your site very easy, and it’s common for a WordPress site webmaster to never deal with the administration of their shared hosting account after initial setup, except to pay the hosting bill. Look for companies that have a proven track record in customer service, especially if you’re new to hosting your own site. The lowest priced hosting offers are often from resellers that aren’t able to offer you true 24/7 service, which is why recommend a full service company like BlueHost. VPS – If your website needs dedicated performance guarantees, VPS is a great choice. Many hosting companies will migrate your existing shared hosting site onto a VPS for free without extra charge when it grows too big for a shared account. That’s why it’s smart to start out on economical shared hosting plan until your website becomes popular enough to require the additional security and performance of a virtual server. When signing up for VPS service, choose a supplier that has multiple VPS hosting levels, so that your virtual server’s performance can expand along with the popularity of your website. Internal migrations on a VPS are easy. Having to move your files to a new host because the VPS service you have can’t be expanded is painful. Dedicated Servers – If your site has massive traffic, and you need more security than any shared hosting or VPS plan can offer, dedicated servers are a great choice. Just like shared hosting, choose a provider that offers 24/7 technical support. If your site is big enough to need a dedicated server, downtime is usually very costly, so you’ll want to be able to reach someone about a hardware problem immediately.

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