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  1. dudeydudedude

    I find this site’s design quite unconventional, but in a good way. It’s very refreshing to see something different being tried, especially by a rather well known team.

    Best of? Mmmm… why not. =)

  2. sabun

    Do─čal sabun

  3. Foobar

    I didn’t really get into the new design this year. On Windows, with Helvetica installed, it looked like a complete mess!

  4. Greg

    The site works fine on my Windows comp with Helvetica. I do not think the font would cause problems for a website.

    Nice design btw.

  5. ptouch

    the excessive transparency is pegging my cpu

  6. t

    pretty interesting with the use of transparencies. i had to check it out in safari because it doesn’t look right in firefox 2.