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  1. Rob

    Very nice website,

    love the use of illustration and space. Offers a lovely environment.

    Well done.

  2. Arakin

    I just don’t like this ugly noise :)

  3. Josh Harbaugh

    I tend to agree with Arakin about the noise. If it were toned down a bit it might be better, but as it stands I’m not sure the design needs it.

    The illustration is so nice, it’s being mucked up by the noise. It almost seems like it’s raining.

    That’s a minor gripe though. I really enjoy the site.

  4. Jt

    I thought the same about the noise at first but I actually like it now. I think it’s a great design, professional and fun

  5. Ben

    Nice effect with the clouds when you resize the window too.

  6. Rob

    Wow, did not notice the cloud thing before! Very nice touch.

  7. Ryan Scherf

    As the guy who designed the site for my employer, I do agree that the noise could probably be toned down a bit. However our original source illustrations for marketing material went more grunge/noise and less cartoony (like the icons on the front page).

    Maybe I’ll make the change in the future. :)

  8. Paul

    Very nice, one of my favorites.

  9. umut

    looks great – i like the noise effect, works well.
    love that pink colour.