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  1. Foobar

    Needs more pink.


  2. Matt

    I think they were taking a big risk using all that pink, but I think they pulled it off. Very nice.

  3. DanC

    I like this a lot, the pink is bold but works well. I really like the speakers page with the highlighting method when hovering. V.COOL!

  4. Brad

    beautiful work here. excellent use of grid and spacing. kudos.

  5. Zach

    Wow, pretty bold with the pink, I think they balanced it out pretty well though. It doesn’t really overpower most of the pages. The home page is the only one I would change. They should’ve done it like the speakers page and had all those pictures be b/w, then turn pink when you hover over them. It’s sort of overwhelming having so much of a bold color like that right off the bat.

    One other thing, on the speakers page, that nice hovering effect they have breaks if you start hovering over them before the page is finished loading, or it at least did that for me. I reloaded the page a few times to be sure and it did it every time. Besides those few things, I like the site overall. Very ballsy with the pink.

  6. John Pash

    I can look past the nasueating pepto-bismol pink, but what can’t be forgiven is that it’s not consistent.

    The heading doesn’t match the photos which don’t match the button on the side which doesn’t match the text and so on.

    if you are going for a mono-chromatic look, you’re supposed to only use one colour!

  7. Jamie

    ^^ Agreed. The various shades bother me. But the layouts def really nice.

  8. alvaro

    @ Josh -> I think you are nitpicking with the consistency a little..
    I think it works just fine :)

  9. jMannix

    I find the pink consuming, the opening page — but a better balance with the other pages. i like the color scheme works well

  10. design

    Thanks its appreciated, I will use it

  11. Kristen

    I like this, good use of the colour pink. However, I am not a fan of the pictures also having a pink hue, I think that is just a little too much. I like the salmon pink (with their logo) rather then the hot pink, it goes much better with the dark gray and black, very bold move!

    Site is great.

  12. CSS Gallery

    I like vivid designs, but WOW!! Its not just pink, I mean this design its taking the brightest 1980s HOT PINK! It takes true talent to be told you have 3 main colors to work with and over 50% of that is going to be hot pink and still manage to keep it more balanced. Good work.

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