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  1. Richard

    Dont like this at all… way too dark.

  2. Dario Gutierrez

    A little dark, and I don’t like the background of the images is confused.

  3. Zach

    I actually like this a lot. The backgrounds behind the images is a bit confusing, I agree with that. But I love the nav, and I think the dark color theme works for this.

  4. Doug

    I don’t think it’s that dark. The header’s brightness could be brought up a bit, but content is fine.

    I like the idea of having a copy of the image behind it blurred! Very unique effect.

  5. David Perel

    I think this is really cool, nice smooth scrolling and the big ‘next’ and ‘prev’ buttons are also nice.

    Strangely, I really like the pixelation in the background and the copy to the right of the image is well laid out with good color combo’s and spacing.

    In my opinion it deserves its place on BWG.

  6. Mtthw

    I love this! It is a bit dark, but the navigation is excellent.

    I like the idea of the duplicated, pixellated background images, but it kind of threw me off. I refreshed the page at first because it appeared they hadn’t loaded! I think if they were blurred and/or B&W they would look a lot better.

    Overall, very nice execution, but could stand to be a bit brighter.

  7. Little

    I dont like, is very strange.