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  1. DanC

    Nice, I like the multi-tabbed interface but can’t help feel its somewhat like the atebits site!

  2. Matt

    Love this site. And love the site’s premise. Interface design needs to make a come back!

  3. tom

    very nice.

  4. Doug

    MetaLab has always been a favorite of mine. They have the best UI designs out there. They deserve a “Best of” just for the work they do.

  5. Censunaj

    That’s sooo Apple. Haha. :P

  6. Mike

    Is this a glimpse into the Orwellian future???

  7. Ashish Lohorung Rai

    Completely awesome .. futuristic design I love it…

  8. Adrian

    the blog is just plain annoying….

  9. keidi

    This site is good, and I think their Interface is simple.

  10. Hamish Everett

    Everything MetaLab does uses H+FJ’s “Gotham” typeface and puts all content inside boxes, which are in turn put into boxes.
    It’s just cookie-cutter design wrapped in the style du jour. Uninspired.