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  1. mdc

    i love this site.


    Nice site. I love the homepage and this background. A good work!

  3. John

    Nice site, but they can’t have been designing this themselves. Look at their work!

  4. Steve K

    I’d imagine that the work in their portfolio is quite old and that they have progressed since. I think if they design like their portfolio now they will soon need to optimise the work they show to create the best impression.

    However if they design like their showcase now, they perhaps need to concentrate more on their clients work than their own or at least assert their own design ideas over their clients.

  5. Rich

    Love the colors… but what gets under my skin is half the time they use @font-face and half the time they are using images… for me I would prefer one or the other purely for consistency


    Haha that’s a funny looking site. Amazing work!

  7. metoo

    Have to agree with Jon’s comment.

  8. tom

    i like the typography. i don’t like the hard drop shadows and the use of “mailto:” in the contact us nav link.

  9. tzGallery

    A thing of beauty… odd duck ain’t it?!?#!

  10. Keren

    It’s stunning.

    If they’re serious about picking up more work though, they should have a proper contact page instead of just a mailto – not only is it a legal obligation for a business in the UK, I personally find it really quite offputting that I know absolutely nothing about them as a company; no names (short of doing a whois on the url), and not even a telephone number.

    I understand they’re probably freelancing after hours, but I’d suggest they actually say that and provide an after hours contact number.

  11. Ross

    Wow thanks for all the comments guys. I’m amazed it’s got such a good response. I often lurk around on here and you guys can be a tough crowd to please!

    Keren hit the nail on the head really. I designed the site and it is going to be used initially for Freelancing after hours. Basically I’m working full time for an agency and I’m also in a touring band in the UK. I put the site together before I set off on a month long tour to try and get some work and extra pennies in December but it is a dream to do it full time. I do plan on finishing it off and having a proper contact page etc… When I get back. I really just wanted to have something in place for while I was away to attract work.

    @john The reason the work in the portfolio isn’t the best is because I don’t want to use anything I’ve done in my current position at the agency I’m working at so I’ve had to pad if out with old work for now until things pick up!

    Anyway guys thanks a lot for the feedback and feature!

  12. Ian

    I like the site Ross.

    I think your site could have benefited from being as your comment, honest, yourself and to the point.

    If you had presented your website as a guy getting into freelance whilst inbetween busy periods of work and play then it would have come across better.

    Thinking this is a company portfolio with some poorer works than others looks a bit dodgy, knowing it’s actually one guy trying to freelance and showing the progression of his work and knowledge makes it much more interesting to me.

    I love the design, is that going live?

  13. Ross

    @Ian Cheers man, I’m going to have a tinker with it all when I get back and maybe think about presenting it a bit more in line with your comment.

    The ICFF website is live, I think it’s on this site somewhere actually ( – It’s looking dated now though, designed for 800×600!

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