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  1. Josh

    Great site, but hasn’t this one already been posted?

  2. DanC

    I agree with Josh – lovely work but I’m sure this has already been featured!

  3. Efernand

    Yep, could swear I’ve seen this here before

  4. Justin

    Yep it has. I really love this site though, and am glad to get another chance to say how great it is.

  5. Chanty

  6. Nick (BWG admin)

    Sorry, didn’t remember it was featured before.

  7. Chacha

    Am I the only one to think that the design doesn’t fit for a school? I also find that the inner pages are not coherent with the home page design…

  8. Carl Rosekilly

    Apart from some nice visual aspects does anybody find this site really in-accessible, I find it difficult to pinpoint exactly what you can achieve with them, beyond the home page you just fall into un-ordered lists!

  9. Seema Puhrman

    The hub associated with Taif throughout Saudi Persia is renowned for this farming with this rose, called “Ward Taifi”..