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  1. Digital Showcase

    Bravo! Love the simplicity

  2. Jamie C

    Absolutely fantastic body of work.

  3. Rich

    Love everything about this site, I would only question the functionality on the work page… I don’t think it’s necessary to have 14 directories (or pages) for each project. Maybe some simple JQuery could help fix this.

  4. Bristol Web Design

    Top-notch work in the portfolio.
    I bet this guy was a really good print designer who moved into web.

  5. Rod

    His logo is very similar to Marilyn Manson’s though…

  6. Hakan Uzunoglu


  7. Keren

    Ah, lovely.

  8. Elliot

    Great site.

    Load time is a bit slow though. It might be my connection. You can fix load times by compressing your images in photoshop then pulling them into fireworks for extra compression.

    You will find your images are much smaller in size without losing a lot of quality.

  9. mr.zimm

    Wow, I’m really impressed with the portfolio and the site. It’s all really fantastic.

    @Rod does have a point about the logo similarity. It’s a bit uncanny.

  10. Andre Augusto

    Love the homepage.. Simple and still nice.

    The logo reminds me North Kingdom…

  11. Jack

    I enjoy this design. My only gripe is I’d prefer to have more than one item per page in the portfolio, if it means maybe going to another page to find out more I’d like to scroll down.

    I don’t know if thats a conscious effort to get people clicking through, but just my browsing preference.

  12. Lukasz Bachur

    Oh my, delightful work!

  13. Justin

    Wow this is stunning and really unique. Simply fantastic!!

  14. Grafik

    This is really professional look.