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  1. Alex Swanson

    I love the simplicity & scalability of the site.

  2. Rich

    Agreed, colors are great too.

  3. dudeydudeydude

    That typeface isn’t looking so hot on Chrome on Win7 x64…

    using -webkit-font-smoothing: subpixel-antialiased didn’t fix it either.

  4. Seth

    There are too many inconsistencies. The layout changes from page to page. The value of the colors change from page to page. The logo is different on some pages. It appears there are five different “work’s in progress” here. Needs to be polished.

  5. Pat

    @Seth: oh man, if you don’t like the layout changing from page to page, I strongly suggest not trying to resize your browser on this site ;)

    I think Jon has always been pretty up front that his site is always a work in progress. His work on creating a resolution-independent design that is clean, legible, and fits his brand is, in my opinion, miles ahead of what many others are doing.

  6. dudeydudeydude

    I have to agree with Seth here. Two different styles on one site – it’s not like “site | blog” either.

  7. Adrian

    I agree with Seth and dudeydudeydude. It’s really annoying to browse. Feel like im on a different site one minute, then back again.

  8. Pat

    And, exactly as I stated above, Jon has gone ahead and updated his entire site to match the design of his blog.

    Have a little patience, people: