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  1. cchana

    Nice one page site. Great to see more and more sites making use of CSS3 and fonts so a big thumbs up for the solid giant! :)

  2. WearyMax

    Excuse me, but:

    Regular site and such is now very much :)
    Nothing new there saw….

    Or am I mistaken?

  3. tdub

    @WearyMax Sites don’t always need to be ground breaking to be good.

  4. Jack

    Striking looking website! Nice colour scheme and some good use of typography.

    I really don’t like the portfolio images lifting up like that, I don’t really think it adds anything, personal opinion though I guess.

  5. Carl Rosekilly

    pot, kettle, black…

  6. Joshua

    Personally I always find it hard to consume the content on sites that are structured like this. You don’t get to absorb much at a glance.

    That being said I think it all holds together looks wise. My favourite part being the ‘G’ monster face thing.

  7. Adrian

    This is one of the first one page websites I actually like.

  8. frey

    What is that hover/slide technique in the portfolio section? I’m a noobie.

  9. burak özdelice

    @WearyMax, +1. I think, site just looks good.

  10. vivianjust

    @burak özdelice, site is looking good but color is too bright and contrast

  11. solidGIANT

    Thanks guys for all the compliments! I had no idea my site was listed here, and was blown away by all the encouraging things you had to say about it!


    Thanks for encouragement everyone. Very nice.

  12. Joeleo

  13. keliah

    @Joeleo It’s built with my template from Themeforest (Pixelstudio), that’s an awesome customization

  14. Saskatoon Web Design

    Too bright … the contrast between the white and pink hurts eyeballs and that’s probably not what you want to do when trying to get business…

    That said, I like many things about the site including the use of typography and layout (although I’m not a fan of one page websites)