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  1. dudeydudeydude

    I didn’t expect to see this here. I guess there’s hope for BWG after all.

    On that note: to stylo design, who made this wonderful website: IMHO, the line-height would better at 19px instead of the current 18px ( font-size x 1.5 for line height almost always works, especially for readability – and in this case, it does).

    And while we’re on the topic of typography: px isn’t a good idea.

    Aside from that though, this is a wonderful website.

  2. m7o

    I also like the website a lot! Here’s my two cents: I expected the whole buttons in the top navigation to be… well, the button, and not just the text.

    Just a matter of styling, make the a something like {display:inline-block;width:110px;padding:30px 0 15px 10px;} and lose the span tag (I did not test the exact dimensions, but something like this should do it)

  3. Keren

    Thanks for the line-height tip ddd – note to self.

    I like this site a lot – light, elegant, simple, great design.

  4. greg

    Completely boring. Looks more like a magazine glossary than a website…

    Buttons should actually look like buttons IMO.

  5. Jacob Lee

    Does just look like some directory/brochure pages deep into a magazine. Almost as if we’ve missed all the features and these are the other pages that had to be filled.

    It’s smart but a bit dull. I love minimal but it still needs some personality.

    I’m sure it’s what was required though and it is quite functional

  6. Nick

    Like it, nice layout, good product photography, not much to complain about really

  7. WearyMax

    nice! strong & clean style