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  1. Elliot

    Clean design that focus’ on ease of use. Not much to complain about here. Nice texturing and spacious layout.

    The about us page is particularly nice.

    Reminds me of something Dan Cederholm would do.

  2. Mike Wallace

    Not bad. Not crazy about the colors. This girl does good work but a lot of the stuff begins to look the same over time.

  3. Elliot

    yeah, I liked her work a lot

  4. Jack

    Not a bad site. I noticed some of the buttons’ hover states don’t follow the same theory. The buttons of the contact form seem to work backwards, they look ‘down’ when simple active but look ‘up’ when hovered.

    Just a minor thing, but that kind of consistency could really give the site more credibility.

    Also the cutout’s of people look a little shaky in places.

    Much better that her previous site and reflects her quality of work.

  5. WearyMax

    like retro style :)

  6. Tom

    It’s nice but doesn’t grab me. Don’t think it’s particularly special. Can’t help but feeling the name she’s making for herself in the speaking circuit is boosting some peoples’ reaction to it, particularly those of the “big names” she’s beginning to share a stage with. This is much less of a personal attack than it sounds! Just didn’t think this was great and surprised by the love-in it got.

  7. Sarah Parmenter

    @Tom – *sigh* – I don’t understand what my speaking has to do with the design of the site? I’m sure people can separate the two?

    I don’t mind criticism but I can easily see through the undertone of the message, and it’s not necessary.

  8. Carl Rosekilly


    feedback is usually better when constructive, it does appear to be a personal attack that quite frankly stinks of envy.

    I have no allegiance to Sarah so i’m not defending her, it would just be ideal to be more constructive so that the designer can assess the situation and decide whether your points are valid or not.

    But as I am learning very quickly, design is very subjective and it really is a case of ‘different strokes, for different folks” and who are we to judge?

  9. Saskatoon Web Design

    Like the typography and the retro style … Although they do utilize the space, it seems almost too spacious and rely’s on the scroll bar a little much although we’ve all done it.

  10. david song

    i really love the YKW in the logo!