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  1. Jamie

    I’m in love with this firm. Their work is beyond good. SharePoint.
    Need I say more?

  2. WearyMax


  3. Crssp

    Phenomenal, epic use of jQuery.
    I could of sworn it was flash.
    Ok, I’ll even give it a badass rating.

    Somebody will find something to rip no doubt, but it’s killa’

  4. Rich

    Agreed, love everything about this. Such a strong focus on the great work and the interactivity brought in through the javascript is superb. Excellent concept and execution.

  5. Jacob Lee

    Urm… I know they’re an awesome agency but I’m not feeling the site. I think if this was a smaller/less successful company people would be slating this on here.

    I think you should be able to look at a website and know what do as soon as the page loads. Their Halo project loaded first and if i didn’t know who AKQA were and didn’t see the logo at the bottom I could have mistaken it for some fan site.

    It’s obviously nice but, well, yea…

  6. Rich

    @Jacob: The focus of the site is the result of the companies success; it’s how they’re showcasing the work. The fact that they are all billion dollar / Fortune 500 companies is just the kicker. This minimal approach puts such a powerful focus on the work it doesn’t matter what agency you want to brand in there. Just my opinion though.

    As for not knowing what to do, it was pretty intuitive for me and enjoyable to browse around the projects, most especially Fallout 3 project info.

  7. Crssp

    It really didn’t hit me, the product loads then dimly fades to the background across the site. while the info portion fades into the foreground.
    Also typography uses some crisp typefaces :)

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  8. nestor

    I agree to what Jacob Lee wrote…
    I was also confused by Halo on the startpage.

    The site looks good but it takes too long to understand the content.

    Look of the site: ok
    communication: very bad

  9. Jack

    Nothing about this website makes me care.

  10. Prakash

    Well designed website. I really love the design works made with.

    Take this link to your vision, where i was inspired with the designs

  11. Ram

    Great design & it looks awesome with the background. I really love it & inspired of its designs which i haven’t seen ever before. Keep up the great jobs ever like this.